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At Pho-Kus, we maximize your inner potential through the soothing, relaxing sessions of yoga. We offer both in-person and online yoga classes, giving you the perfect ease to feel your inner calmness. With a dozen variations of its own, yoga helps you to experience the true flexibility and muscular strength of your body, that too, gently.

Our online yoga classes are organized in various sessions to give you a completely comfortable experience. With the ease of your homes, we give you a perfect opportunity to take yoga classes that best according to your routine and lifestyle.

Full Body Fusion.

With the help of our full-body fusion session, we help you reduce the extra calories of your body while attaining maximum muscle performance. It is often regarded as the perfect plan to develop your lower body’s strength, combining some Bootcamp style class techniques.

At Pho-Kus, our full-body fusion sessions are focused on making your workout more dynamic, giving you a perfect blend of flexibility and toning movements. By joining us, you are firmly assured of getting a healthy mix of muscle training combined with the effectiveness of cardio and pilates precisely.


At Pho-Kus, we offer you the opportunity to attain the perfection of aerobics by training with our industry-leading experts. Our classes are smartly structured to suit your fitness plans best, giving you a completely personalized workout feel. From youth to adults, we have been recommended by the masses in the community as one of the best to opt for.